About Us

Primetime Consulting is led by Antony K A , based in Mumbai . We are a well bonded team striving to serve our customers offering value in selection and maintenance of a range of insurance products.
For health insurance it is our endeavour to be directly associated with the best insurers in India. For each case we analyse and present to a prospective buyer the best options available for him from a selected range of insurers. Often we can find value for the buyer in selecting the optimum value in the health insurance be it in price or features .
We hand hold a prospective buyer in selecting the right insurance and then see the proposal through till policy issuance. Credibility and perseverance in each proposal has helped us in our dealings with the insurers.
After issuance of the health insurance policy we support the insured customer in renewal and in case of any claim our relationship executive will respond to your queries . We will guide you in the claim process and ensure claims are filed in time and check that is settled correctly.